Baby Essentials For First Time Parents

I just found out that two of my brothers are expecting, and only two weeks apart! I’m absolutely thrilled to hear this news, especially for my second brother who is expecting his first.

Baby shopping can be fun but definitely also a little overwhelming, especially for first time parents. I myself have recently been through through the whole baby shopping thing for my three month old, and I thought building a list of things that I have found useful, may be a helpful starting point for my brother and my sister-in-law and potentially any other first time parents out there!

Some of these items are a must and others are just nice to have.

Must Haves

  • Onesies
  • Bibs
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Clothes – newborn ones with the covers for the hands are convenient
  • Baby blankets
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Wash cloths
  • Burping cloths
  • Towels
  • Bath tub
  • Diaper/nappy bin
  • Thermometer
  • Nursing pump – if planning on using a bottle
  • Nursing cover – if planning on nursing
  • Bottles
  • Baby bag/diaper bag
  • Car seat – Note: In a lot of countries, including the US and England, they will not let you leave the hospital with the baby without a car seat!
  • Pushchair
  • Cot
  • Cot mattress
  • Baby monitor

Useful, Non-essential Items

Here are some items that I found made life me much easier, but are not things you absolutely need:

  • Swing
  • Bouncer
  • Nursing pillow – found this very useful for my first child but hardly used this for my third!
  • Dummy – if you are going to use
  • Sterilizer
  • Baby carrier
  • Changing table

I will be posting specific brands of items that I liked and used soon.

About me

Hi, I am Aisha. In this blog you will find a place where all my scatterbrain hobbies come together.

Arts and craft, parenting, makeup, reviews and baking! I am currently a stay at home mother of three wonderful boys.

Busy Books!

I have taken on a new hobby….SEWING! I have never sewn anything before and do not even know how to use a sewing machine but I am having a lot of fun learning! I decided to make my son a busy book.  Busy books are just cloth books full of fun activities for children to keep them busy and help in developing their fine motor skills. They can be educational  as well  if you include alphabets/numbers and shape activities. They are extremely fun and addictive to make and you can find many free templates online. I purchased one from Etsy but also incorporated other free templates that I had found.

Here are some pictures of the pages so far. I will put up the links where I found the ideas/ templates etc

It is not a perfect book but hopefully I will improve :p


To make a busy book you will need some basic tools such as:

Thread /or you can simply glue it together but I like the look of a sewn book



Sharp scissors

Embellishments – such as buttons, zips, ribbons etc


Cover page
Cover page


I got this template from  Amy Pincock's  'Quiet Book Patterns: 25 Easy-To-Make Activities for Your Children'.
I got this template from Amy Pincock’s ‘Quiet Book Patterns: 25 Easy-To-Make Activities for Your Children’.

There is a little pocket to keep all the robot parts. This was my son's favoutite page. He loved making new robots.
There is a little pocket to keep all the robot parts.
This was my son’s favourite page. He loved making new robots.

I got the template for the lift up fruit from Etsy.
I got the template for the lift up fruit from Etsy.

Counting beads page
Counting beads page

Find the animals page and planets page
Find the animals page and planets page



I would recommend getting Quiet Book Patterns: 25 Easy-To-Make Activities for Your Children (CD Included) It has a lot of great tips, ideas and templates.

Scootcase vs Trunkie

Traveling with young ones is an extremely daunting task. Just the thought of which is enough to make my stomach churn.  I often fly long flights of 7- 8 hours, alone with my toddler son. Some of these flights have gone well while others….have literally left me in tears!  I often find myself purchasing anything and everything I can think of that may make my flight a little more bearable. Some of these purchases come in handy while others not so much.  On my recent trip I thought I would get my son a Trunkie. A Trunkie is a hand luggage-sized ride on suitcase for children 3 years and up.

I thought it would be a good distraction for my son when any waiting was required as well as being able to hold his own items – making my bag lighter :p. While surfing the internet for the Trunki Ride-on Suitcase – Tipu the Tiger (Orange)
I came across the Red Skoot
. It looked more appealing to both me and my son than the Trunkie so I thought I’d give it a try.

Although it definitely looked better, we were both disappointed. The Scootcase was not at all stable. It seemed too small for my son and he kept falling when trying to ride it. I was also not happy with the way the latch worked and found that it was difficult to open and close. It rather small and I was not able to fit much in there. I wanted to like this product so much but I did end up returning it.

I then ordered the Trunkie from Amazon. I was happier with this product and my son loves it. It is a lot sturdier than the Skootcase and has more room for his things. I also liked the saddle bag and stickers which can be purchased separately.  He likes to put his favorite small toys in the saddle bag for easy access.

I have kept this suitcase for travel purposes only so that he does not get bored of  it.  All in all, we both preferred the Trunkie.   It keeps him entertained and me sane! We also had people commenting on how cute it looks!

I have not yet gathered the courage to fly alone since the arrival of my second child…now that really is going to be a challenge….


IMG_0194 (2) IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0205 IMG_0185

Red Skoot

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase – Tipu the Tiger (Orange)